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Level 3 - Online Wine Courses - Award in Wines


Who should attend? 

This qualification is popular with wine and spirit employees and will give students excellent all-round product knowledge. The course is also suitable for the interested consumer.  










Programme outline

  • Duration: 9 weeks online guided study 
  • Student activities: weekly tasks, group tasting area, multiple choice feedback tests and videos supported by the textbook 
    1 day tasting tutorial by "Das Weininstitut München" held in Munich
  • Educator: guides the student through the weekly tasks for 9 weeks 
  • Student access: once the booking is confirmed, students have access for 1 year which includes the scheduled 9 weeks of guided study. After the scheduled course end date, the material becomes read only and the student cannot post in the activities. 

The course is based around a 9-week structured online programme with a recommendation of 10 hours study per week to cover the online activities and read the relevant chapters in the textbook. There is also a 1 day tasting tutorial. 

The course follows a weekly structure, but it allows the student to work ahead or catch up on the activities and forums. There are no set times to log into the course as there are no live chats or webinars. 

Das Weininstitut München does provide the relevant and current WSET study materials for this course which will be sent to you post payment. Revision of the WSET Level 2 Materials is recommended.

The course prepares the student for our qualification and they are guided by a WSET educator. The student can contact the educator any time for the duration of the scheduled course, should they have any questions. Each week includes a series of independent and/or group activities that guide the student through the key wine regions of the world looking at the factors in the vineyard and winery that influence wine styles. 
A 1 day tasting tutorial introducing the Level 3 tasting technique run by "Das Weininstitut München" is included.
Students are advised to taste a range of wines during their studies. A list of recommended tasting samples can be found in the specification. Students can post their tasting notes in the Online Classroom for review by the educator.

Schedule of the 9 week course:

Week 1: Factors influencing Style, Quality and Price 
Consider the key factors influencing the style, quality and price of wine from vineyard to bottling. 

Week 2: Tasting technique 
Learn to taste and describe wines using the WSET Systematic Approach to Tasting. Includes a tasting day which is arranged by the APP

Weeks 3-5: The influences affecting the wines of Europe 
Learn about the key influences and how they produce the resulting wine styles in the key wine regions and districts of Europe. 

Weeks 6-7: The influences affecting the wines of the New World 
Learn about the key influences and how they produce the resulting wine styles in the key wine regions and districts of the New World. Learn about the key regional grape variety specialities of the new world. 

Week 8: Sparkling wines, Fortified wines 
Learn about the methods of production and the main styles of sparkling wines from the key wine producing countries. 
Learn about the methods of production and the main styles of fortified wines from the key wine producing countries. 

Week 9: Revision 
Revision & Examination Preparation. 


Entry Requirements

  • Students must hold the Level 2 Award or be able to demonstrate knowledge at this level 
  • Minimum age 18 required at time of booking. 
  • Students will require access to a computer (recommended) and/or HTML5 compatible mobile or tablet with the following minimum requirements: Internet Explorer 10, Firefox 25.0, Safari 6, Chrome 30.0 or other HTML5 compatible; web browser with Javascript and cookies** enabled; Adobe Reader XI or equivalent; Internet access (broadband recommended) 
  • Internet access (broadband recommended) 
  • It will be assumed that students have basic computer literacy, internet navigation skills and a good level of English. 

Registration & Exam

The registration and payment for this course must be made latest 12 working days prior to the start of the course. 

The exam will be held shortly after the last course day as indicated in the course description. Should you wish to take your exam at any later time please contact us. 

How to gain the qualification
You must successfully complete a multiple choice paper of 50 questions.


The exam will be held in Munich, Augustenstraße 97.
The exam venue meets all WSET exam specifications.
Exam dates for every course are shown below. If you whish to take your exam at another time, please contact us.

Place: Seminaresof the Weininstituts are usally taing place at einfach geniessen - das Studio at Augustenstraße 97 in Munich statt. The seminar room is perfectly equipped for seating, presentation technology and glasses.

Course start Course FinishTasting TutorialExam
13/04/201914/06/201928/04/2019 (10:00 am - 6:00 pm)16/06/2019 (2:00 pm)
Price: 1180,00 €
(Hinweis: Umsatzsteuer befreit nach § 4 Nr. 21 Buchstabe a Doppelbuchstabe bb UStG.)